The Undermine

The Undermine 

I wake from my bed and get ready to take a shower, 

For i take at least an hour, 

For today i will head to an unknown cave i found, 

I will call it Agona Delete, 

A cave system i will definitely map and defeat, 

Defeating every obstacle that the cave will throw at me, 

So i throw on my gear and start my car and head down the road towards this cave, For the trail to the cave be 5 miles long into the woods, 

So after i park my car i head down the trail that’s a blazing dark and dim, For i hope nothing grim will happen to me, 

So i go feeling the most happiest i’ve ever been, 

Fir this is the first time i will ever discover a new cave system on the planet Livia, For it be like playing a trivia game of no defeat, 

For i feel the serene air against my skin, 

For as soon as i arrive at the cave the sky around me goes dim and i just get my gear ready and jump in, 

slowly going down the narrow low path in to the cave, 

Until i come to an opening in the cave that has a waterfall coming down, A waterfall so blue its a turquoise clear, 

For so far this cave is not drear, 

But rather serene, 

For the very cave leaves dread left behind, 

For i wonder what i could discover and find, 

For in a notebook i detail all the plants and animals down that be in this cave, For i use my flashlight to look around and there be a pool of water that leads somewhere, for i am secretly am a imortala an eternal creature of the Ulonox vile For i live alone in a cabin away from other Livian people, 

So i can keep my secret safe away from the Livian world, 

For i Athera Allenthanesia am an explorer when it comes to caves systems, So then I lay down to sleep in my sleeping bag with the glow of the turquoise stream lighting the inside of the cave. 

I then wake up to hear a strange sound, 

For the sound sounds like a saw blade machine running over and over again, Then i see a creature come out of the water, 

A creature so disturbing it’s a thing of fear, 

For the very look of it is drear, for its a black creature with a twisted body, face and limbs,

For it even has mouths on its face, 

For the creature be so revile it smells of danger, 

Angered the creature looks to be, 

For now i want to run and flee, 

Be free away from this monsters attack, 

For then the monster comes right for me and i try to run away, 

But it catches right up to me and tries to drag me, 

For im scraping and screaming at the ground making so much sound that even more of these creatures come toward me pulling me into a pool of water, 

I can’t help myself no more, 

So I just let them drag me down into the darkness black. 

I wake up to find myself covered in blood to see that there be Livian bones everywhere in the cave room, 

For i feel frightened to the bone, 

Every inch of me is frightened to the core, 

For i want no more of this, 

For im scared beyond compared, 

For then i see the creature come back and gang up all around me, For then a Livian man in the cave in the cave comes up to me, 

For he has black coal like skin, 

Red eyes and black hair. 

“Welcome, you will be our feast for tonight” 

“What, who are you?”. 

I ask concerningly. 

“Im Kiven Kon Kidilessouis and your my dinner for i’m also an Imortala”. He says to me and i feel a little bit safe, 

But i can’t let my secret get out even to another immortals, 

For I know I can’t die. 

“So your a cannibal” 

“Yes, i quite am thank you for noticing, 

Now here take this knife if you want to commit suicide if you wan t to end your life quickly or endure the long pain of being cooked and eaton”. 

“ No i rather endure the pain”, 

“Fine, have it your way, but I’ll be the one to cut your throat”. 

He says to me as i try not to think of the agony or the pain that will come, For he grabs me and i just try to stay calm, 

But I can’t so I struggle as I’m in his arms,so I just close my eyes and everything goes black.

I wake up to find myself in something metal more like a metal box, For its metal all around, 

For i feel too scared to be burnt alive and be a repeat feast for these monsters, For I’m too afraid to reveal my powers. 

“Hey i discovered what you really are, i’m quite impressed your also an imortala, Now i’ll give you 2 options,, 

Either marry me or be eaten and cooked over and over again, 

I’ll let you decide”. 

“So tell me what do you choose” 

He says to me as im still inside come metal box, 

For I think I’m over some cooking fire. 

“Can i think about it” 

“No,i need an answer now or else” 

“Fine i’ll marry you, now please release me from this contraption”. I say as he pulls a lever and i fall out onto the ground, 

So i get up and he just stares and smiles at me, 

Looking too crazy for me, 

For he makes me just want to run and flee, 

For he fills dread in my eyes as i totally despise him, 

For I realize soon I must escape. 

“Good we’ll have our wedding tomorrow morning, 

Now please follow me and I’ll lead you to where you may rest for the night” 

The next morning the wedding starts and i am in a blood velvet sparkling dress, Ready for this grim, 

For i don’t want to stay, 

Praying one day to be free from this madness in this cave, 

For this cave is like a grave to me, 

Engraving my very sanity to standstill, 

For I’ve felt like I’ve already climbed a hill. 

“Athera are you ready my dear” 

I shake my head feeling the utmost of dread, 

For this marriage will be read not to my heart, 

For this will be dead to me always for we both enter a glittering room with luminous purple neon lights all around, 

For the sound of instruments play in the background, 

For the wedding goes on and we both start the wedding saying our vows in foriegn tongue in the Livian language, 

Then we both kiss, 

Me kissing him to no delight,

For all i feel is fright, 

For after a while we just dance and party, 

I then excuse myself to use the bathroom, 

But i instead head to another part of the cave to escape, 

Finally i find a way and head out quickly, 

For i get dirt and mud all over my dress, 

Not caring i just keep on going, 

Maneuvering through all this till i finally come to an exit, 

Finally a way out to be free from all this insanity, 

Now back to Liviananity, 

For now i be in some forest of glowing trees, 

For i run as fast as i can through the woods for hours on end till i finally reach a road and on the road there be a truck coming down the road, 

So i try to get the drivers attention, 

But who i see as the driver be not ordinary Livian, 

For it be Kiven. 

“There you are, I was wondering where you went my sweet dear”. He says to me as i try to make a run for it, 

But then he gets out of the truck and grabs me before I could get away and then he throws me in the back of the truck, tying me up along with other Livian men,women and children. 

“Kiven you can’t eat these people” 

“Watch me” 

He says to me as all these people are in fear and are crying, 

So I try to untie these people but I can’t. 

After a while we arrive at the entrance of the cave and he comes out to get me and these Livian people, 

So then i decide to use my powers to release every one from this mess and every one goes free, 

For we all run from the van, 

But then Kiven uses a gun to shoot everyone down, 

For he even shoots me down and everything goes back to black. 

I wake up with dead Livian bodies all around me and all i can do is cry, Then Kiven comes up to me smiling. 

“Now i’ll give you one more chance Athera, 

Try to run away again and your done being my wife”

I shake my head as I cry. 

“Why do you have to kill innocent Livian people” 

“Because i enjoy the annihilation of lives just to taste their flesh” He says to me as i just feel disgusted by him, 

For im tied back up and i can hardly move, 

“Now as i said i’ll give you one more chance”. 

He says to me as i just shake my head in despair, 

For i want to leave so bad, 

Not glad being here, 

For then Kiven unties me and i go free, 

Finally no more of being tied up. 

“Athera we shall have our wedding dinner that we have not had yet, Come lets go” 

He says to me as i go with him, 

For I know dinner with him will not be a pleasure. 

I sit with him at the dinner table with some cave monsters joining us, For monster maids serve me nothing but Livian flesh meat cooked to a tender perfection. 

“Eat up Athera, taste the sweet tender Livian flesh” 

“No, i’m not eating this” 

I say to him sternly. 

“Eat it or else there will be great trouble for you”. 

“No, I won’t”. 

I say standing up from the table. 

“Fine, have it your way”. 

Kiven says to me. 

“Just you wait”. 

He says to me yet again and i just leave to be part of another cave, Trying to pull myself together, 

For i hate this reality i’m living in, 

For i want to find freedom in all this madness, 

For sadness is all i feel, 

For i’m hoping i can lead him from his ways, 

Then there would be many things to praise, 

So I just sit down on the cold hard cave ground and think. 

Later on Kiven comes up to me and tells me to leave with him and I go. “Athera i want to show you something come with me” 

He says to me as we go through the cave to a place unknown,

A place sewn to its name, 

A place of no defame, 

For he leads me to an opening in the cave where there be a boat ready for our await, For the water in the river be a sparkling yellow shining like stars in the sky, For i be really mad at him still, 

For he brings me inside the boat and we both sit down and he start paddling down the river we go, 

For now thing just seem to flow, 

Flowing colors all about, 

For I feel too much doubt. 

“Athera my dear new wife you have my word i will take great care of you, For I will treat you with the utmost of pride”. 

He tells me and i just ignore him, 

Then the boat stops and he grabs my hands and decides not to let go just for him. “I know there are many unLivian things about me you don’t like, 

But I promise to treat you with good care”. 

He says leaning in to kiss me, 

I hate it, 

But i let him kiss me anyway, 

For he kisses me a little too rough, 

So i just let go but he just comes back at me more kissing me ever so gently, For we have not consummated our marriage yet, 

For i really don’t want to, 

But I might have to. 

“Kiven, let’s just enjoy our boat ride”. 


He says as he stops kissing me and then he focuses on rowing the boat, For as we go down the river stream the cave glows an ever so bright, bringing delight to us, 

For tongues of fire are flaming still in the air lighting up the whole cave, So i just stare at its wonder delude, 

For its conclusion is an illusion of illustrate, 

Nothing of a debate. 

“Athera let’s get off here”. 

He says parking the boat, 

Then once on land he lids me up holding me in his arms and i just feel astounded by him, 

For i dont break away, 

For he carries for a while through a cave hallway until we reach a room where there be a purple flaming fireplace and a bed masked in all colors of black,

For he then brings me over to the bed and lays me down, 

For then with clothes off he comes into bed with me and he tries to hold me, But I just pull away from him. 

“Not now i just want to rest” 

“Fine then some other night” 

He says smirking and i just ignore him, 

For soon I dows off to the darkness of the night. 

The next morning i wake up with him cuddling my body, 

So i pull away and get up and get dressed, 

For Kiven also wakes up and gets dressed. 

“So tell me what’s your plan for today Kiven”. 

“I have to grab more meat for the cave creatures, 

You’re welcome to come”. 


I say to him directly. 

“Fine but later you will join me for dinner” 

He says as I shake my head in agreement. 

So he leaves and i also leave the room, 

So i decide i want to explore the cave even more, 

Then later I discover a metal door, 

And inside i hear scream pleas for help, 

So i go to open the door and inside be Livians of different colors and ages all chained up, 

For i look a them feeling dread, 

Then one of Kivens cave monsters comes in and screeches, 

Then the monster heads out and then comes back in with even more monsters, Then they try to pull me out and i scream, 

For i then use my powers to block them, 

Then Kiven comes in looking quite angry. 

“Athera what in the world are you doing in this room, 

Are you trying to free these people, 

Because if you are, we are going to have some issues”. 

“No, I just found this place and i…i…”. 

“That’s enough Athera , come with me, let’s go somewhere for a while”. He says to me and I just follow him to an unknown place. 

For i feel like i don’t care anymore, 

So i just go along with the flow, 

For we walk i feel angered by him for stealing Livian people, 

I want to hurt him so much but i don’t dare,

For some day I have to learn to care for him. 

We walk into a room where it is lit an electric blue and there is pottery everywhere that are all different colors and shapes. 

“I do a lot of pottery for a pass time”. 

“Wow i’m amazed, 

Do you sell it?”. 

I ask him. 

“Not yet, 

But i want to, 

I got a job for you, from now on you will go a Livian market and sell these, For it will be something to keep you busy while your living in the cave, For i share my vehicle with you, 

So you may take the pottery to the market while I do my job”. 

“That’s fine”. 

I say as we both then leave the room to head to dinner for the night, Once were in the dining cave hall we both sit down at the table to enjoy a meal, But I still don’t eat. 

“Athera i got a different meat for you rather than Livian meat”. 

He says to me smirking oddly. 


I say and i’m finally able to eat, 

For know i don’t fear him so much, 

For he is finally doing things for me and i feel the happiest of all glee, For after dinner we both go to rest for the night, 

For that night we make sweet love and we cuddle in bed kissing each other slowly and gently, 

For i feel no more dread towards him, 

For now i have some freedom, 

But yet i feel like i want to escape, 

But i don’t dare, 

For i feel like the Undermine is mine, 

Yet not mine alone, 

But rather ours for the taking and the Livian breaking.